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From the desk of: Josh Manning

Hi Fellow Traders,

Since you've found this website I'm assuming you're just as interested in trading and the stock market as I am. The truth is I'm always on the internet looking for money making tips and strategies. While doing my research I was reviewing some material by Adolph Suehsdorf.

Mr Suehsdorf is one of the most well-known and respected investing 'Guru's' in recent history. I noticed that most of his work was available online with the exception of one of his most important pieces of work, "How To Invest Safely And For Profit".

Even though it was first published in 1960 this book has the best stock trading information I have ever seen.

In the 17 chapters here's just a snippet of what is covered:

  • How to own a bit of American business
  • How to determine what your objective should be - exactly what you want out of your investment.
  • Everything you need to know about getting along with your broker.
  • What the broker does. He is the integral link between you and the investments.
  • Insights into the New York Stock Exchange.
  • How to read a 'ticker tape'...and what they mean.
  • The techniques of buying and selling. Get this right and you'll be on your way to making truckloads of cash with your investments.

If this is the kind of information that you have been looking for, here's the good news...

I have contacted the original copyright owners and gained permission to republish Adolph Suehsdorf's complete work on this website.

Although I had to pay to have the manuscript reformatted and published online, stocks and trading are my passions. Therefore, I want to share this book with as many people as possible for free.

The information is second to none and you'll soon be on your way to financial success.

Let's get started...

Josh Manning

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